Overhaul and reconstruction of buildings and structures

The need to carry out major repairs of a building or reconstruction in construction arises in situations when it is required:

  • redevelopment or expansion of available space;

  • reorganize an industrial facility into a residential or office building;

  • to increase the space through a new ceiling in a large-sized building;

  • equipment placement;

  • creation of workshops, storage facilities or jobs.

Overhaul and reconstruction of the building is a significant integrated work aimed at improving the condition of the building or structure, utilities, equipment. The exception is load-bearing building structures. The reconstruction of the building and the organization of work are aimed at repairing and strengthening, expanding the foundation, changing the roof, laying waterproofing, repairing and decorating the walls.

Reconstruction Permit

Before proceeding with the reconstruction work, you need to get permission for the reconstruction, for which a package of documents is collected in accordance with the list in the regulations. Reconstruction at the enterprise is carried out in coordination with the organization’s directorate, and it is endorsed by a person with the right to sign. Specialists involved in the project and work must possess the necessary certificates.

График производства работ

in time

All work will be performed within the agreed period and You will be given a ready-to-use facility. Otherwise, it will be FREE.

Экономия в строительстве


We will prepare a comparative cost analysis and choose with You the most optimal, allowing you to save up to 20% of the construction budget.

Получение разрешения для строительства


We will prepare for You all the necessary documents for obtaining construction permits and putting the facility into operation free of CHARGE

Гарантия на строитльные работы


​All work performed on You get a guarantee of 5 years and support in the operation of the building.

How are overhaul and reconstruction works carried out

The work is carried out according to two schemes. The first is when the facility is closed for work completely. In this case, unauthorized persons cannot enter the territory, and specialists dismantle worn-out systems, components, and structural elements. The second option, when it is necessary for the enterprise to continue to function. In this case, the front of the work is divided into separate sections and performed in stages.

Advantages of AV GROUP

Overhaul of buildings and repair for our specialists is one of the main areas of activity. We will completely repair or restore the supporting and internal structures, update and replace the sewage system, heating system, electrical wiring, ventilation and air exchange, security equipment and fire alarms. If necessary, we will prepare and submit for approval a plan to the supervisory authorities to obtain a work permit. We have modern software and reliable partners to carry out work of any scale.

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Contact us

On our site you can calculate the cost and terms of your project for free. To do this, just fill out the questionnaire, after which our staff will prepare and send you a commercial proposal.

AV GROUP - a reliable partner

If you are looking for a reliable partner for large-scale construction, repair and reconstruction work, the specialists of AV GROUP have all the necessary qualities for the successful implementation of your project.

  • Extensive experience in designing, developing documentation, coordinating projects with urban planning organizations;

  • We use only proven materials and equipment that have passports and certificates and meet the requirements of GOST;

  • If necessary, we will involve reliable subcontractors, we will hold a competition;

  • We work within the established deadlines and estimates agreed by the Customer;

  • All stages of work are transparent to the customer, easily controlled;

An experienced team of architects, design engineers and civil engineers, surveyors with experience in the field of reconstruction and repair of buildings for more than 15 years;

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