Design work in the overhaul and reconstruction of buildings and facilities

If the object or building is badly damaged, it has not been repaired for a long time, or if it does not meet current requirements, it is necessary to carry out major repairs or reconstruction of the structure. It is understood that future installation and construction work will be aimed at changing the architectural solution and the possible creation of capital premises - these include superstructures, extensions and attics. This also includes the modification and strengthening of load-bearing structures, re-equipment of the building, adjacent territories. The created project must fully comply with the norms and requirements regulated by applicable law.

What design includes

To design a major overhaul of a building or reconstruction, specialists carry out a number of preparatory measures:

  • the object is examined in detail, calculations and measurements are carried out;

  • make mathematical calculations of the load;

  • calculate the permissible capabilities of the operational characteristics of the structure.

Special computer programs with 3D modeling capabilities allow you to create visualizations and calculations - Revit, SCAD Office, Archicad, Grand Estimate, Microsoft project - this is only part of the list of tools that specialists use to create the project.

График производства работ

in time

All work will be performed within the agreed period and You will be given a ready-to-use facility. Otherwise, it will be FREE.

Экономия в строительстве


We will prepare a comparative cost analysis and choose with You the most optimal, allowing you to save up to 20% of the construction budget.

Получение разрешения для строительства


We will prepare for You all the necessary documents for obtaining construction permits and putting the facility into operation free of CHARGE

Гарантия на строитльные работы


​All work performed on You get a guarantee of 5 years and support in the operation of the building.

Design documents for overhaul and reconstruction of structures and buildings

When developing a project for the reconstruction and repair of a building, we take into account the technological features of the operation of the entire building after the modernization of the facility itself. Work is carried out only if there is a package of documents prescribed by the regulations, otherwise your actions will be considered illegal.

The general explanatory note describes the appropriateness and basis of the work with the characteristics of the facility, the decision of the city planning authorities and municipal services;

Drawings: situational plan, master plan, list of activities for the organization of engineering networks;

Estimated work;

Schemes of facades, on which, including, sections are presented, fencing and supporting structures are indicated;

Structural reinforcement schemes;

Schedule of work;

The section on the technical operation of the reconstructed facility is presented;

In the process of working on the package, the principal architectural and construction solutions specified in the project are specified and finalized.

Advantages of AV GROUP

The AV GROUP experts have extensive experience in creating design documentation for the construction of major repairs and reconstruction of facilities in Novosibirsk. With the documentation we have prepared for reconstruction, repair or reinforcement, you will receive permission to reconstruct without any problems.


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On our site you can calculate the cost and terms of your project for free. To do this, just fill out the questionnaire, after which our staff will prepare and send you a commercial proposal.

AV GROUP - a reliable partner

Work on the construction of buildings and structures, repair, reconstruction and design can have a serious impact on the results of doing business. The specialists of the AV GROUP company are reliable partners in the construction industry:

We are focused on long-term cooperation and value reputation, we fulfill all contractual obligations;

The whole process of work is controlled, understandable, completely transparent.

Compliance with agreed deadlines and budgets;

We comply with all construction regulations, standards and recommendations;

We use exclusively safe, certified technologies. Materials and equipment;

We are modernizing the engineering networks of the building and reducing energy consumption of resources, taking into account the latest technologies;

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