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The construction company "AV GROUP" has implemented more than a dozen objects in the city of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region. Our customers (both new and regular) are government organizations, commercial enterprises, construction organizations, industrial enterprises, legal entities and individuals. We value partnership with customers and cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions for both parties.

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It so happens that in order to make a positive decision on cooperation, the customer needs to inspect the completed project by the potential contractor, learn from the customer who has already completed or is completing the construction of the facility, identify possible weak points of his project, or simply “touch” the living construction process. Our team is happy to provide such a service to our new potential customer. During this trip


  • introduce the customer to the inspected object;

  • show the types of work that performed at the facility;

  • we will tell about all the nuances and subtleties that arose during construction;

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Познакомим с Заказчиком Предоставим полную информацию о сроках строительства Расскажем о всех нюансах и тонкостях возникших при строительстве
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На любом построенном нами объекте

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