Installation of a sandwich of panels in Novosibirsk

The construction company "AV GROUP" has been carrying out the installation of the facade as a subcontractor for 12 years. The priority area of ​​activity is the installation of sandwich panels. During the period of work at the construction sites of the city of Novosibirsk, sandwich panels were installed at most manufacturers of the Novosibirsk region. We are able to mount wall and roof panels at the proper level, on time, we also have the necessary equipment, and the staff has the required qualifications. Sandwich panel buildings are characterized by a relatively low construction cost, construction speed, good insulating properties, durability, ease of use

Sandwich Panel Mounting Feature

We will take on the entire cycle of installation work:


  1. we will help with the choice of the manufacturer;

  2. prepare a layout project for sandwich panels;

  3. We will coordinate the delivery of the necessary components, equipment, and machinery to the facility;

  4. we will carry out the installation of panels and strips;



At the conclusion of the contract, the Customer receives:

  • fixed cost of work;

  • compliance with the installation technology of sandwich panels;

  • net contractual relationships;

  • completed on time;

  • full package of executive documentation;



As a construction contractor, we have experienced installers with height tolerances working at the Customer’s site together with the project manager. For the convenience of the Customer, a work schedule is drawn up for the contract for additional control of the installation time.

Монтаж сэндвич панелей АВ ГРУПП
График производства работ

in time

All work will be performed within the agreed period and You will be given a ready-to-use facility. Otherwise, it will be FREE.

Экономия в строительстве


We will prepare a comparative cost analysis and choose with You the most optimal, allowing you to save up to 20% of the construction budget.

Получение разрешения для строительства


We will prepare for You all the necessary documents for obtaining construction permits and putting the facility into operation free of CHARGE

Гарантия на строитльные работы


​All work performed on You get a guarantee of 5 years and support in the operation of the building.

How is the supplier evaluated?

The construction company AV GROUP is professional installers and as experienced contractors of Novosibirsk, we work both with well-established manufacturers and attract new partners to complete the tasks. If necessary, a competition is held to find the optimal manufacturer's factory, ready to work on the conditions required by the Customer. Our engineers will further monitor the quality of the manufacturer’s work in compliance with the deadlines for the manufacture of sandwich panels.

Монтаж сэндвич панелей

In which areas of construction are we working

We provide installation services for structures for all areas of construction. We work with government organizations and commercial enterprises. We carry out work at the facilities of warehouse and residential purposes, energy facilities. We serve industrial enterprises. All construction work is carried out at the facilities in accordance with the approved plans.


  • As a contractor for the construction of the plant, we fully take into account the specifics of the future enterprise, the requirements of industrial and environmental safety.

  • The construction of new buildings and houses is fully ensured by turnkey engineering networks, including installation and commissioning of security systems.

  • The commercial and sports facilities that we have built will fully meet the needs of the high traffic of visitors.


All projects carried out by our team have reliable and durable designs, ergonomic and functional layout, as well as attractive design of the facades. We carefully work out every little thing, scrupulousness is the key to the high quality of the project and our reputation.

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On our site you can calculate the cost and terms of your project for free. To do this, just fill out the questionnaire, after which our staff will prepare and send you a commercial proposal.

The cost of installing sandwich panels per m2

For the Customer, one of the main issues is the cost of work. Thanks to the work done by the AB GROUP team, we reduced the costs associated with the installation of panels, and increased the installation speed of roofing and wall sandwich panels through the use of vacuum grippers. Today, the cost of installation excluding the use of machinery and equipment is 200 rubles per 1 m2 (including VAT 20%), while the productivity reaches up to 250 m2 per shift, while all the technological operations required during installation are observed in compliance with safety precautions.

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