Experienced construction general contractor for business and non-profit organizations

Among the construction companies of Novosibirsk, “AV GROUP” as a general contractor compares favorably with an integrated approach that allows owners of industrial, commercial, residential areas to solve all construction problems through a general contractor. Experienced specialists and engineers work for us, ready to undertake the preparation of all necessary documents, select and attract additional organizations, and interact with supervisory authorities.

Feature of the services of a general contractor in construction

We take on the entire cycle of construction work - from preparing documents to putting the facility into operation. The customer receives:

  • pre-design activities with professionally calculated estimates;

  • high level of design work, taking into account all modern building technologies;

  • transparent contractual relationships;

  • high-quality result that meets all standards and requirements of safety and operation.


As the general contractor of the AV GROUP construction company, we independently attract the necessary subcontractors, guaranteeing professionalism and fully controlling the process of completing tasks at the facility.

Проектирование домов АВ ГРУПП
График производства работ

in time

All work will be performed within the agreed period and You will be given a ready-to-use facility. Otherwise, it will be FREE.

Экономия в строительстве


We will prepare a comparative cost analysis and choose with You the most optimal, allowing you to save up to 20% of the construction budget.

Получение разрешения для строительства


We will prepare for You all the necessary documents for obtaining construction permits and putting the facility into operation free of CHARGE

Гарантия на строитльные работы


​All work performed on You get a guarantee of 5 years and support in the operation of the building.

How are subcontractors evaluated?

We, a professional general contractor of Novosibirsk, work both with teams that have already proven themselves and attract new partners to carry out the tasks. If necessary, a competition is held to find the best performer who is ready to work on the required conditions. Our engineers continue to oversee the quality of subcontractors and meeting deadlines.

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