To suppliers

Recommendations for adding your company to the supplier base of AV GROUP

DEAR SUPPLIERS, every day we receive a large number of proposals for cooperation, so that your proposal is considered, read carefully the RECOMMENDATIONS for entering your company in the AV GROUP supplier database:

  • Send an information letter to

  • In the subject line of the letter, briefly indicate the type of products or services supplied by your company (for example, mineral wool insulation or dry mixes or concrete or sandwich panels or metal structures).

  • The body of the letter must indicate: company name, briefly nomenclature, shipping address, contact person and phone.

  • Certificates for the supplied products (if certified), Company card must be attached to the letter.

  • KP and Price do not send.

  • If you are interested in the products of your company, the supply engineer responsible for this area will ask you for additional. information.

PAY ATTENTION: without a pre-sent and correctly executed information letter with certificates and a card, the procurement specialist will not communicate with you and has the right to put your company and its contacts in spam.

Save your and our time!