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We carry out construction and reconstruction
commercial, industrial and budget facilities.
We work throughout the Novosibirsk region.

What objects are we building

  • Residential complexes

  • Reconstruction of the old
    housing stock

  • Residential buildings

  • Cottage villages

  • At home

  • Cottages

  • Baths

  • Apartments

  • Hangars

  • Workshops

  • Warehouses

  • Logistic centers

  • A cafe

  • Restaurants

  • Pharmacies

  • The shops

  • Beauty Salons

  • Business centers

  • Hotels

  • Shopping centers

  • Car dealerships

  • Banks

  • Schools

  • Kindergartens

  • Administration Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics


How do we build


Implementation of the construction of facilities within the time required by the Customer


For all work performed, the Customer will be given a package of executive documentation, after each stage of work


Fixed cost of work throughout the construction phase


Monitoring the work of contractors. Our contractors will complete the work on time and in high quality.


We supply building materials corresponding to the estimate and project


Preparation and receipt of documents for both the start of work and the commissioning of an object.

Our services

  • The construction company "AV GROUP" provides the services of a General Contractor. We take on a whole range of management measures to organize the construction process and commission the facility.

    As a General Contractor, our company provides:

    • A full cycle of coordination and management of pre-project activities, design, construction of a building and its commissioning;

    • clear and reasonable estimates of construction work;

    • transparency of all contractual relationships;

    • effective result;

    Our company has experience and competence that allow us to carry out management activities in the construction of buildings of any complexity at a highly professional level

  • We carry out the construction of buildings as a contractor at the facilities of both the Customer and the Contractor. We perform certain types of work under a subcontract. This can be either individual types of work such as the installation of a monolithic frame, installation of metal structures, roofing, or complex types of work.

    The construction company "AV GROUP" will perform the following activities as a subcontractor:

    • excavation;

    • foundation device;

    • installation of structures;

    • roofing device;

    • Finishing work;

    • land improvement;

  • A project is the basis for the construction of any object, which involves a whole range of work: creating drawings, drawing up design estimates, and much more. This is done using specialized software for computer aided design. Engineers of the AV GROUP company are engaged in the professional design of buildings. Our works are distinguished by:

    • functional layout;

    • original facades with creative design;

    • strength and reliability of structures;

    • a reasonable approach to the use of energy resources.

    Experienced engineers will tell you where you can save, and where saving at the initial stage will result in serious financial costs in the future.

  • The construction company "AV GROUP" is ready to play the role of technical supervision or construction control in the interests of the customer, in order to ensure proper quality control of construction work and compliance with the deadline.

    The customer will receive from us a comprehensive approach at all stages of the design, construction and commissioning of the construction project. As part of the Customer Service, we will monitor:

    • for costs and compliance with their estimates. Your estimate will not grow, and in certain types of work will be adjusted downward;

    • for contracting organizations, so that work is done on time and in a quality manner, and so that contractors treat their work in good faith. We exclude the appearance of dubious contractors on the site;

    • we will receive certificates on the performance of technical specifications, we will obtain an AIA, we will conduct tests and laboratories, BTI, topography, a master plan of engineering networks;

    • for the timely purchase of building materials and the lack of cost overruns;

    • for the quality execution of all work and compliance with standards.

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Our facilities



+7 (383) 277-11-44


Novosibirsk city,

st. Boris Bogatkova 63/2, office 303

Over the years, we were lucky to work with a huge number of clients. Quality services start with an experienced and attentive performer, which is why we select only the best in our team. We effectively carry out projects on time and work hard to build long-term relationships.

The construction company "AV GROUP" is focused on long-term work with the customer, so working with us is a guaranteed quality and one hundred percent fulfillment of all contractual obligations for our potential customer, we are ready:

  • Prepare a comparative cost analysis and choose the best option for cost, quality, delivery time, which saves up to 20% of the construction budget;

  • Get all the necessary documents for obtaining building permits and putting the object into operation

  • For all work performed, we will provide a guarantee of 5 years;

  • Free warranty service for the building we built;



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